The witching hour is supposedly around midnight (I always felt it was closer to three in the morning myself) and nights near the full moon hold the most power, or so I have read. I enjoy superstitions like this so it seems a suitable time to type up an intro for this site. ;) My name is Michelle is this is my most recent website. I went by Diabolique Doll for longer than I can remember and had countless names, domains and websites before that.

I chose Mountain Witch this time around simply because of where I live and because I have always been quite fond of the word "witch." Even as a child the word did not mean anything scary or demeaning. I associated it with the women who died during countless witch "trials" over the centuries. It made me think of strong, rebellious women and those who can fight and take care of themselves. Witches have always been outcasts and yet magical, mysterious and resourceful. They supposedly have the power to commune with nature, change the weather and bewitch men and women.

Of course there are also more terrifying stories of the "deal with the devil" blood-sacrificing, wood-dwelling, child-devouring witches and I love those tales as well. The horror hound and dark art/media lover in me cannot help it.

My websites morph and their purposes change as time goes on. Currently I only share photography and an occasional live journal entry when there is time. Life has kept me on my toes this year and there is not always much time to devote to these things, but hopefully there will be more photography, art and writings in the future.

Thank you for visiting my strange little pit stop on the web. I always welcome emails and can be contacted at: mtnwitch3 [at]

I can also be reached at one of these pages:
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Sweet & Wicked Dreams,