Hello Sleeplessness My Old Friend

August 16, 2019

Feeling: restless

It is nearly midnight and the moon is still full. Crickets have been chirping loudly for hours. The woods are alive with wildlife and insects this time of year and each day brings many encounters with little "friends". The days have been warmer than I normally appreciate but tolerable. Another hot August up in the mountains.

The heat leads to insomnia which is reason for this entry. Sleep would probably be advisable after the long hot week but the mind simply will not slow down. So many thoughts.

The world is a stranger place each and every day. From my small, insignificant existence to events playing out all over this great, vast planet; each week brings even weirder news than the one before. Normally I enjoy the bizarre, macabre and general chaos but even I have a hard time keeping up with it all at this point. Some days I make no effort to do so at all.

Yet here I am up late on a Friday night in a quiet bedroom out in the middle of the dark woods. Almost wishing I had somewhere to go but unsure of where that somewhere would be. There are no goth or industrial night clubs in these parts. Bars are too predictable and dull. Nothing else is open after eight for miles around anyway. The silence and solitude of these rural communities is bliss most of the time but the boredom does get to you on occasion. My only other escape, the internet, has gotten a touch cold, hostile and imagination-less over the years.

I do still manage to get out to a social event once in a great while. Last week it was the county fair. I may no longer be rocking those blood red locks but it seems that a flare for the dark, goth and spooky has never gone away. So much for this personality being "a phase". ;)